Beyond Violence: Creating a Culture of Peace

Saturday, December 2, 2023, 1-4 ET – Online

Beyond Violence: Creating a Culture of Peace

A convening of peace movements, activists, scholars, and journalists.

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A Peace Convening

Beyond Violence: Creating a Culture of Peace is dialogue based convening of representatives of the various peace and nonviolence movement networks.

An online conversation for designing a national convening of peace movements is scheduled for December 2. We invite those who wish to help design the national peace convening to attend the design sessions. The greater diversity in design, the greater the effect of the convening!

Emergent Peace

The convening seeks to provide a collaborative listening space in which we learn and share our methods and results in peace and violence-interruption work. The intention in creating this space is to welcome the emergence of a narrative that could help reset society to a peace culture. This convening hopes to lay out a template that can be used for future local and regional convenings. The convening welcomes all faith, religious, spiritual, and social peace & justice groups which focus on peace work. We use the term peace work as a very broad category.

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Share Your Vision

A brief survey on peace work, its successes, continuing concerns, and support towards a culture of peace can be found at Share your experiences and hopes for what a peace culture is. The survey results will help frame the convening dialogues.

A PoWR Pre-Event

Pre-convening design sessions were held at Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago IL on the afternoons of August 12 & 13 in advance of the Parliament of World Religions meeting in Chicago under the theme of human rights and its global ethic. Drawing participants from around the world, the Parliament is a profound symbol at which to convene peace and nonviolent groups to initiate this movement of movements. A Peace Movements Convening provides a venue for the next iteration of peace work to emerge.


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